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Triumph Kentucky aka Let’s Roll Kentucky

Meeting April 28, 2017

Location – Dave Hartsek’s home for cookout

We had a really great meeting at Dave’s lovely home in Lexington on a beautiful Friday night.  He had everything laid out and ready for us when we arrived.  I was concerned that we were late because normally our get-together s run from about 4:30 to 6:00 pm mid-week, so when we showed up near 6:00 we thought we would be showing up for cold leftover we were pleasantly surprised to find out we were one of the early arrivers and came in just behind Darrell and Heidi.



We were welcomed to the bright and clean home Dave has made for himself and also some roommates who help share his house.  His garage floor he had painted with a really cool paint that seems like more than paint, and not only that but the walls have drywall and even crown molding!  For sure the most beautiful garage that I’ve seen!  Lol

He prepared ahead of time for us with all the fixins for our hamburgers and hot dogs and the rest of us brought the side dishes.  Well, Darrell, if you know him, he brought the Maker’s and cola and shared with several of us!  Everyone was pretty relaxed I must say and we really enjoyed that meeting probably more than any of the others because of the welcome and peaceful atmosphere where there was no need to rush or worry about excessive noise in public places.




What did we accomplish at this meeting?  Well, we accomplished a good time!  A great time!  Loved the night!  Thank you so much Dave for hosting us!  Looking forward to doing it again and I hear we are meeting out at Cold Stream for our May meeting!  Make sure to check out the events on our FaceBook page to keep up with us so you can join us for the next get-together for Let’s Roll Kentucky!  Peace out!  ?





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