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September 27, 2019

“I am an old woman, named after my 2nd step-mother, and my father was a preacher for a long-time n still goes…”  So, please forgive my living in the new and old-world realities all at the same time with you.  What I really meant to say about these guys is here, in the real edited version of…. Da..da…da….!!!

September 27, 2019 2-n-true

Tonight’s freakin’ fabulous headliner, Rags and Riches, right out of Lexington, KY, shook this girl’s ear drums, and shoes, and the floors, and building around us with some very BIG A** BEATS!  These dudes carried the crowd away to a different place… Is it possible for these guys to be using some unknown language, that communicates by this energy that says, “Hell! Yeah!” in a constant stream flowing out of them!!!?  Oh, and I can’t help but mention, they were beatin’ the hell out of them drums!!!

The two brothers, Whitt, and their surprise to me, side drummer, Jonah Fryrear, put on one fabulously entertaining and energetic show!  Fryrear is a great match in both energy and ability with these guys.  The raw sheer emotion that the three of them put forth shows a lot of freakin’ pent-up emotion of life, pain and joy, being solid, and being real.  Surely feeling the heart of any show is in watching the artists throw it down and stomp on it in front of you.  I am totally talking literally here… these guys do it!  And so much energy they’re flying.

Tanner and Peyton Whitt, are friends as well as brothers who collaborate on originals and play music together, very well.  Several years difference in their age, Tanner, the natural front man of the group, a man not afraid to tell it to your face, and definitely not the shy one.  No. That would be Peyton.  Peyton the quite one in the background beating the HELL OUT OF THE DRUMS!  I mean, Peyton, the younger, who is somewhat shy…and… 

Moving on…  Let’s go and talk about their show…

Non-stop! Peyton Whitt on drums – Tanner Whitt vocals

The show started in the dark with some crazy sounds drawing people to the front of the stage….and then it all began!  The energy kept building, song after song until the guys were all in the air at one time or another, and sometimes all together.  Real intensity in their performance was great to witness.

Before Rags and Riches took to the stage there were two other bands, the fist was “Much Obliged,” and then it was “Sunmates’ coming on 2nd.  I took opportunity between set up times to talk with some of the fans and found a lot of people were there to see the brothers Whitt of ‘Rags and Riches.” I found they had a pretty solid, young adult, local fan base, some who’ve followed their career for many years.  Peyton on the drums and Tanner on the guitar.

Like many great artists, these brothers first started in church with gospel songs.  They’d spent their years playing until just recently when a decision had to be made to stay where they were or go on tour.  This music, this is their own personal expression that takes them outside the four walls and into the bigger world around them.  Their original music speaks to even larger crowds of people who have a depth of goodness that can be expressed in many ways.  To me when I see them, I see a big message in their songs, and that for anyone who wants will find some deeper messages that would ultimately point in the direction of the roots where they were raised, maybe even help us to see Jesus. I’d like to see him, who wouldn’t?

I was able to talk with Tanner who let me know they’ve been preparing for their bigger tour coming up, 67 days is their main focus at this point, then it will be followed by another tour.  They’ve put a lot of time and thought into their plans and have offers that have already come in.  So, what they see for the future is that this is the plan and the path for them to stay on for now, and I was one of several who were glad to see them playing live in Lexington before they hit the road on their tour! 

Rags and Riches, headliners at Cosmic Charlies

Before Rags and Riches took to the stage there were two other bands, the first was Much Obliged, and then Sunmates, both local Kentucky bands with their own great sounds.

Much Obliged
Sunmates with John Fisk

Non-freakin’ stopping! Tanner Whitt, vocals with Peyton Whitt, drums and Jonah Fryrear on drums left-center
Rags And Riches

Never stopping… even flying…

I asked them, “Do you always get along”?  Peyton spoke up and said, “For the most part we do”.  Tanner finished by saying, “but if we fight, then it’s that brother love that kicks in and after about 5 min we get back to work.”  Sounds like some brotherly love.

Peyton Whitt, drums and Tanner Whitt, vocals

Tanner went on to say that they definitely wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for their parents.  He said, “They both pushed us into music.  Dad played baseball, and we grew up playing ball too, but we were also interested in music”. Tanner went on to say he wanted to do baseball and really liked it a lot, but the music just started to take off more for them and it felt more natural.  Well, water runs on its course, and destiny puts in a sailboat to take a ride, and these guys jumped right on board!  It’s a good thing they are so athletic because this ride is gonna be fun!  When the crowds get a taste of the energy they have to give out, it is going to be big!  Really big stuff coming out of Lexington, KY!

This old lady here has a curfew, but I did stay until after 11:00pm.  These guys are so full of energy and energizing the whole place that it is hard not to go back to thinking of their performance!  I know for sure that I missed some good stuff by leaving when I did, but can’t help going home early these days.  I was wanted to introduce someone to their music tonight, but life happens to everyone, and so I had to go it alone or probably would have stayed later.

So…speaking of why it was so late… there were two really awesome bands before them.  First up was “Much Obliged,” a 5-piece out of Burgin, KY, playing some really nice tunes that were on the rock/indie side of the spectrum, along with a little heaviness.  They are good, with a good-listening sound.  For real, you see them bill boarded somewhere to play, go give them a listen, I give my recommendation.  There’s one really nice song playing in my head still that they gave a little almost reggae beat to, cool-style and great vocals too.  And don’t forget to patronize your local establishment while you are there too.  The “Much Obliged” band can also be found on the not-so-friendly algorithm’d face de book as well as I’m sure on other social media I did not get to talk with anyone from this band, but their music is definitely worthy of mention!  Rock on guys! 


After a little interlude during the switching of the acts, the Sunmates were up on the Cosmic stage playing some really fantastic covers with local legendary guitar player, John Fitch, center stage with his keyboard synth on the side and the mic in his face.  Dude dressed in a suite that reminded me of the Beetle days.  He even looks like a Beetle in a way, maybe favors John Lennon, only cuter, and without the glasses.  I swear, I did not drink any alcohol tonight, only diet soda.  John Fitch, as so many in this area remember started out in the local legendary band, Noble Giants.  They were actually recorded live here in Sound of Lexington studios back when the band was very hot in this town.  The footage from that day was never released because the band suffered a breakup of at least one member at the time it was set to publish.  It was a shame not to be able to put it out, it’s some really good stuff.  I remember John Fisk showing us the guitar he had made specifically for him back then.  So, at home just now after coming from the show and starting to write this, I open my webpage and search the Nobel Giants, and turns out they were the featured band this very date 3 years ago, September 27, 2016.  Pretty cool coincidence.  John did get involved in a few different music ventures after that but says he laid low for a while and just recently started playing out again.  Reminiscent of familiar but strangely cool indie, rock, pop, even some kind of funk in there, they definitely have their own sound.  John is cool and spot on with his guitar.  His vocals have a great tone and levels with the greats, in my opinion of Eric Clapton and so many more that I can not bring names up in my head to write at the moment.  I really also enjoyed this bands smooth bass player and the percussion.  I’m sure there were probably some originals played as well, but the night was long and full of not only music but talk for me.  I can only tell you it was really good!

So shout out to Cosmic Charlies for bringing in another really great show of local talent.  Again, I have to stay I like this venue and the parking and the outside area in the back.  The people at the door and behind the bar are always really friendly and helpful. 

To Tanner and Peyton Whitt and their upcoming tour, I know you guys will rock or beat the socks off of people all around this country as your tour takes shape.  Big sounds and big beats are forthcoming.  Cudos also to Jonah Fryrear who also plays a mean drum!  These brothers picked the right person to bring more energy to the stage!  This is a show that is worth seeing and looking forward to your upcoming CD release.  I know it will be well appreciated by all ears who crave that heavy sound!  Best to you guys and it was a pleasure seeing the show and getting to talk with you! 

Rags And Riches


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