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December 3, 2017

Kevin Murphy on Barefoot KY TV

Earlier in 2017 our team at Sound of Lexington, LLC had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Murphy in our studio for Barefoot KY TV, firstly when he came to interview the talently beautiful Local Honey’s.  It was a natural progression to want to invite him back as a musical guest himself!  Watching Kevin play and sing his intricately worked and thoughtful songs causes one to sit quietly and think about the message in these thought provoking songs.   We had a nice day where we helped to celebrate the life of this local Kentucky artist from Middlesboro, KY.  And to make the day even more special for him we had some awesome local talent in attendance with us that day;  Actor and Comedian Billy Crank, Writer, William Ellis, Award-winning Audio Engineer Matt Florez, Video Engineer Devon Riley and Artist and Engineer, Andrew Rice (who had the vision for and edited the videos) and more.  Some awesome days surrounded us then, and awesome days still surround us now, especially when we can recount these experiences. Thinking of Kevin Murphy today, I wonder if he remembers what kind of food we served that day?  It was his day here at Sound of Lexington.


Kevin is an educated and caring person who is careful about his words both when he sings and speaks.    Seeking to understand his own thoughts and feelings he found help in the process of writing his songs.  It is his way of working through the emotional and trying times in life.  It is sad that he may be writing a song now about a beloved brother he just recently lost.  We send our condolences, Kevin, and hope you are doing well.


Kevin no doubt has a million songs inside of him, surely he will write them all in the eternities to come.  In the songs he has on line on  you can understand that he spends a lot of time perfecting his songs, not only the words but also the melodies and every note he plays on the guitar.  It is truly a treat to listen to and watch Kevin as he plays his songs Sing to the Sun and One Particular Smile for our Barefoot KY TV series.  With personal influences such as Gordon Lightfoot and James Taylor, we know that you will enjoy these performances as well.

Please welcome and enjoy the music of a great Kentucky artist, Kevin Murphy.

Article by Carolyn Burnette


Kevin Murphy with Billy Crank on BarefootKYTV-December 03, 2017


one more video and more pics to come



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