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Derek Spencer
Featured Artist
July 22, 2017Derek Spencer at Sound of Lexington, LLC Studio signing our Papoose while filming for Barefoot KY TV

Written by William Ellis


Derek Spencer‘s ballads- by his own  description – songs ” about  death, murder, . . . ghosts and weird stuff” – are often phrased in anachronistic terms that are definitely off the beaten tracks of modern music.  Spencer often purposely conflates the expected placements of nouns and verbs and adjectives so that his songs sound deeply rooted in Medieval lore as he poetically dwells on themes of salvation, disquieted love, and long dark journeys of the soul.  A self taught musician and crafty auteur who has always been more enamored “with excelling as a singer/songwriter than as a guitarist,” Spencer‘s deep thinking and resonant tones almost always lean upon (and towards) expressionist terms whose accompanying sagas cover inner striving to atone for lost worlds. Rooted in Appalachian momentums, his guitar issues Romantic nuances of this fallen past whose abiding narrative (or present) exhibits central preoccupations with attaining lost ideals.  His songs are reminiscent of Leonard Cohen’s or Bruce Springsteen’s or John Prine’s or Bob Dylan’s songs of disaffection than, say; conversely, of any light hearted and facilely attained pop tunes.  As an indicator of this, one of the “few covers’ that appears on Spencer‘s internet bushel of original songs is the eclectic songwriter’s Towns Van Zant’s “Our Mother the Mountain.”  Otherwise, Spencerpersists primarily as an indirectly posited and original songwriter whose songs maintain an  inimical feel and quite original personality.

(Pictured above is Derek Spencer,  Devon Riley  on camera, Harold Arvin on camera, Taylor C. Hughes and Susan Hughes while filming for Barefoot KY TV.  Pictures by Carolyn Burnette)


Continuation of the post written by Carolyn Burnette

To Listen to Derek Spencer is like taking a trip to another place while you see pictures in your mind as he tells the stories in his own unique and genuine way.  Derek is a pleasure to watch playing live and it was very easy to spend many hours working on his videos listening to these two great songs that we are featuring here on our Barefoot KY TV.

To really find out more about our living local legend, Derek Spencer, click on the picture or link below and watch him as he plays his songs “Racehorse” and “Police Chase in Progress”  and make sure and check out the great conversation he had with another local celebrity and singer/songwriter, our guest, Taylor C. Hughes for Barefoot KY TV!  Was a really great day having them both join us!

Also check out the gallery of pictures below!

Derek Spencer – Barefoot KY TV – July 22, 2017

Thanks for joining us Derek!
Scroll down for more pics of the day!


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