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Boogie G and the Titanics
at the American Legion Unit 313

By Carolyn Burnette

These days it’s not as easy for me to get out to see live bands as before, but every now and then I will venture out of my house and away from my two pups. Still working my 40-hour a week job, and I might actually be getting old and wanting to stay home more.  Nah…not me, I’ll never grow old! Well…. have to admit though that sometimes it takes me awhile to get back out there again.  However, when I do then I remember why I always loved live music and being around other people who love it too! There’s something about the life of the room when there’s great music playing by people who are really in the tune. I finally took the invite of Dane Sadler to check out one of his many bands playing in Lexington at a really nice and nearby place, the American Legion Unit 313.

The music the night I was there to hear the band was so great and the guys in the band were all like these strong spirits that’d been held back for a week and were ready to let it all out! They did some great renditions of songs from “My Girl” to “Uptown Funk” and so much great stuff in between! The dancefloor was hoppin’ most all night!
Speaking of the venue…yes, of course I was speaking of the venue….I fondly think of this particular establishment with good thoughts especially because of the nice people. I almost feel like I’d be letting out a secret to tell others how wonderful and welcoming it was to visit at the American Legion Unit 313 in Lexington, KY. I met there right way Ida Marcum, Lucy, Lorraine and several other beautiful women who were part of the Women’s Auxiliary and were very welcoming to me. Soon I was introduced to Kathy, who I thought was one of the most sweet-hearted people I’d ever met, and then found out she was married to John and they are the owners of the place. I look forward to going back and seeing everyone there again soon sometime.
So, while there, I spent time talking with the very beautiful Melissa Byrd, who helped me, well at least she tried to help me, decipher the many bands of not only Dane but also the other musicians on the stage with him. I might have to come back at another time to talk about the individual musicians, will see, but for right now I would like to also mention Bootsie of Bootsie & Funkabilly, and I believe Dane Sadler also plays with Taylor Davis, also Boogie Knights…now wait, that might bee Bootsie and Dane, I think it is…. but then…you see!  Somehow they keep it together!  LOL
Then there is also Aaron who was on the drums the night I was there as they all together were Boogie G and the Titanic’s. Then we were really pleasantly surprised to have Garland show up with his sax! I didn’t get his last name but did get that he is from West, VA and he comes around here about every weekend and they also sometimes jam at Squires on Sunday evenings. Garland is out of Charleston where he is in a band called Conch Republic and he said they do things like tropical rock and Latin percussion. In other words, these guys all play music together and with people all over! Very talented musicians with a lot of heart and soul! Definitely be prepared to dance and have a great time any time you see any of these bands on a billboard!


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